A casket.

A casket is a small wooden chest with various items found inside. This item will drop through any monster above a certain combat level. The casket's drop rate is increased by the monster's combat level. However, there is a boosted casket monster list, where the drop rates for caskets are higher than normal.



Item Quantity Rarity Sells for
Mithril knife 40-180 Very common
Mithril dart 40-180 Very common
Adamant knife 40-180 Very common
Adamant dart 40-180 Very common
Rune knife 40-180 Common
Rune dart 40-180 Common
Green dragonhide armour 1-2 Common
Blue dragonhide armour 1-2 Common
Red dragonhide armour 1-2 Uncommon
Black dragonhide armour 1-2 Uncommon
God dragonhide armour 1 Rare
Ancient ranged armour 1 Rare
Bandos ranged armour 1 Rare
Armadyl ranged armour 1 Rare
Ranger boots 1 Rare
Robin hood hat 1 Rare
God bows 1 Rare
Karil's(armour or crossbow) 1 Rare


Item Quantity Rarity Sells for
Runes(chaos, law, nature, death, blood or astral) 50-200 Common
Mystic robes 1-2 Common
Enchanted robes 1-2 Uncommon
Dagon'Hai robes 1-2 Uncommon
Wizard robes(trimmed) 1 Rare
God robes 1 Rare
God pages 1 Rare
Ahrim's(armour or staff) 1 Rare


Item Quantity Rarity Sells for
Ornament kit (fury/dragon) 1 Rare
Gilded armour 1 Rare
Rune armour(trimmed) 1 Rare
Adamant armour(trimmed) 1 Rare
Black armour(trimmed) 1 Rare
Rune god armour 1 Rare
Ancient armour 1 Rare
Bandos armour 1 Rare
Armadyl armour 1 Rare


Item Quantity Rarity Sells for
Cavaliers 1-2 Uncommon
Boaters 1-2 Uncommon
Pirate hat 1 Rare
Gnome scarf 1 Rare
Animal/Dragon masks 1 Rare


Item Quantity Rarity Sells for
Coal ore 40-180
Ores(mithril or adamant) 15-70
Raw(lobster, swordfish or shark) 15-70
Charms(gold, green, crimson or blue) 15-70
Uncut sapphire 5-25
Uncut emerald 5-20
Uncut ruby 5-20
Uncut diamond 5-15
Purple sweets 50-200
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