The costume box is an item designed to give a wide variety of cosmetic items in Pauper. You can get the costume box in one of three ways: spending 13,500 skilling points, killing Corporeal Beast, or spending 5 vote points. If you purchase a costume box with vote points, you can claim your item in game with the following command: ;;reward.

The costume box will appear in the players inventory.

A total of 11 vote points can be obtained every 24 hours.


Item Quantity Rarity Sells for
Piece of Elegant-set (M/F) 1 Very common
Piece of Princess-set 1 Common
Piece of Prince-set 1 Common
Piece of Fishing-set 1 Uncommon
Piece of Golden mining-set 1 Uncommon
Piece of Jester-set 1 Common
Piece of Reindeer-set 1 Common
Piece of Halloween-set 1 Common
Piece of Skeleton-set 1 Common
Part of Lederhosen-set 1 Common
Cavalier 1 Uncommon
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